Finding a Place for Rent in Malaysia

Finding a Place for Rent in Malaysia
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As soon as I turned 18 I really wanted to get out of our house and leave somewhere else. But my mother will not allow me to unless I have finished my college degree. So after my graduation, I told my mother that I need to go to Kuala Lumpur because there is a job there for a fresh graduate like me. I don’t have work at that time yet so my parents gave me money to look for a cheap house or apartment in Kuala Lumpur. At first I thought it is easy to look for a house because my friend told me that she is able to find a good but cheap place in just a week.

I was able to talk to a few landlords and landladies most of them were asking me about my work. Of course being the honest fresh graduate that I am, I told them the truth that I am still a fresh graduate and that I am still looking for a job. After the conversation, they are now saying that there is no longer available space, or someone had already reserved the vacant room, and so on.

I also inquired to some apartments but the price is too high for my budget. But on my third day of looking for a place to rent I found a room which is cheap enough but unfortunately I am still unable to get that room because it requires a three (3) months deposit and another one month of advance payment for the rent so a total of four months. The money that I have that time is only enough to pay for two months.

During the time that I was looking for a place to rent, I was staying with a friend who is just renting a room. The room is good and clean and she told me that she got it for a very low rental fee. At first she did not really tell my why the place cost very low when in fact it is very nice. But on my third night in that house, she asked me if I can see or feel someone in the house. I asked why she is asking me that question but anyway I answered truthfully that I can’t feel anything or see anyone. Then after that she told me that the reason why the house is cheap because no one wants to rent in that place because someone was killed in that house a few years ago and that no one wants to live in that house anymore. I got scared at first but after having thoughts about it, I actually do not feel anything or see anyone so told myself that there is really nothing to be scared about. My friend invited me to stay with her and share the rent which I agree because I am going to save a lot of money. After two (2) years we are still living in this house.