metal deck roofing Malaysia

Advantages of metal decks

How to keep your roof strong and be able to protect the home? Installing metal decks on your roof can be one of the ways to improve the strength of the roof. So what is a metal deck? The metal deck is an extra layer of steel which is also known as steel decking. Steel decking gives extra strength to the roof deck and it has many other benefits which will be stated in this article below. Metal decks can be used in all kinds of buildings such as airports, factories, malls, bus stations, and many more.

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It is less in weight. The metal roof is less in weight and it allows the workers to construct the metal decks easily. The metal decks being less weight will help the multilayer construction of the buildings. The metal decks are much less in weight compared to the vintage-style concrete slabs. Installing the metal decks on the roof makes the slab lightweight which makes it easier for workers to construct the roof. Moreover, the metal decks reduce the number of things needed for the support of slabs.

As mentioned, metal decks are less in weight which allows the workers to carry or handle them easily. The metal decks come in a cutting in small sizes which can be quickly used for the construction by the workers. This reduces the work for the construction workers. Metal decks are not only easy to carry but they also reduce the extra work for the construction because putting metal decks solves the other aspects of the construction. The whole process of metal decking needs less manpower and the construction can be done quickly.

The metal decks provide high strength for the slabs. The slabs are made of concrete and adding the metal decking with the construction reduces the weight of the slabs. However, even though the slabs are less in weight it provides the same amount of strength. Metal decks are a popular kind of construction that is preferred for building nowadays. 

The metal decks are environmentally friendly. It can be recycled and people who prefer metal decks do not need to worry whether it is a recyclable material. As an additional benefit, the metal decks are beautiful in terms of appearance. Metal decks are made up of shiny metals which can give a beautiful outlook of a building. Hence, the metal deck is both light in weight and also gives a good appearance. 

The construction reduces in time to construct a building when using metal decks. It usually takes more than a week to finish the roofing or flooring part of the building. Now, with the steel decking, it takes a few days or within one week to construct the floor or the roof. Hence, it speeds the construction by allowing the construction of the whole building a little faster. It uses less amount of concrete for the process. By reducing the amount of concrete for the building, the cost of buying the concrete is reduced automatically. Hence, metal decks also save a lot of money. There are many options for metal deck roofing in Malaysia.

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