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Brand Associations: What Are They?

When we think of brands, there is always a name or a character that we always link them to. With Nike, we instantly link the brand to strength and performance. Disney is associated with fun, happiness, and magic. Coca-cola, the world’s strongest brand among nontechnological brands, is highly associated with delicious happiness. 

We are seeing a pattern of similarities here. A good brand always has good brand associations. Positive associations such as characteristics of the brand that was conveyed through various means. Some of them have been done through the power of billboards and televised advertisements. Others have been done simply through a guerilla marketing tactic. 

The brand association is not something tangible. But it is about a concept that explains the connection between our memory and a brand. The deep mental connection we create to a brand is called brand associations. These brand associations can either be both negative brand associations or even positive brand associations. A poorly handled risk management case can lead to a negative association for the brand.

A brand association is important because they create the positioning statement in the minds of the consumer. They play a major role in how consumers perceive the brand and are likely to make a decision around the brand. Depending on the type of association, they may either purchase it or choose to ignore it. Many have boycotted Victoria’s secret as a result of the brand association they have tried to create with sexiness using victorias secret models. As time progressed and awareness improved people boycotted the brand because it propagated a harmful narrative around body positivity and confidence. 

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There are also so many brands associated with incredibly controversial topics such as the Uyghur Chinese concentration camps and the oppression that is happening in Palestine. Ben and Jerries have recently taken steps to cut their ties with the negative brand association of being complicit in the Palestinian oppression. H&M has released a statement a few years back highlighting that they have no hand relationship to the Uyghur Chinese concentration camps even though that all the fast fashion companies are associated with brutality and unsustainability. 

A positive brand association can go a long way when it comes to helping a business. They can even help businesses survive a pandemic. A strong brand with positive brand associations has so many benefits.

A brand association being made is a sign that our branding as created with the help of branding agency Malaysia is truly working in the minds of the consumers. People build brand associations with the help of visual elements such as logos, colors, and designs of the brand. From the packaging to the celebrity all of it matters when it comes to building brand associations. 

A positive brand association will also help the business become the leader in the market. They can differentiate themselves from their competitors and have an advantage when it comes to their consumers. Consumers have a better impression of who you are when your brand associations are strong.

A strong brand association also means people easily can recall the brand and has a high awareness of the brand’s whereabouts and details. This makes a huge difference in the long-lastingness of the business and its revenue.