computers connecting to each other - Broadband: fiber optics is the first choice

Broadband: fiber optics is the first choice

A broadband is subscribed for to access the internet in your home. There are several different operators that offer broadband. In addition, you need to think about what speed you want. In condominiums and apartment buildings, there may be an agreed supplier that applies to the entire home. Then you usually have to get a broadband from tm package unifi.

Should you choose fixed or mobile broadband?

A fixed broadband is connected to your home, usually via either fiber or the telephone jack. A mobile broadband is rather possible to take with you anywhere. A common solution is to have a broadband that is used at home and to surf via the mobile phone’s network in other cases.

With broadband via fiber, you get up to higher surfing speeds than with a mobile broadband, and there is not the same limit to how much data you can download. It is also easier for several people to use the same broadband and the broadband is affected to a lesser extent by interference. What ordinary broadband lacks compared to mobile broadband is precisely mobility.

Find out which broadband you can subscribe to

Before you sign up for broadband, it is important that you check which operator or operators you can get broadband from. The easiest way to do this is to search for your address. There you can see directly which providers offer broadband with you.

Determine if you can get broadband via fiber or ADSL

There are usually several different ways to get broadband to your home. If you live in a condominium or tenancy, there is often an option that your neighbors use. In houses, there may also be an alternative that the previous owner has had.

ADSL – broadband through the telephone jack

Through the telephone wall jack, you connect a modem, which you then connect to your computer or other devices. The connection is via the standard telephone line (but you can talk on the telephone while browsing). This is the most common technology, but capacity and speed can be affected by how far away from a telecommunications station you live.

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