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Tips Untuk Mendapati Latihan Industri

Planning To Get An Internship?

interns blog 1 - Tips Untuk Mendapati Latihan Industri

For a graduating student, an internship is a must. Whether he is comfortable with it or not, whether he finds this burdensome or inspiring, the bottom line is, if he wants to walk down the aisle, he must go through the internship. He needs to experience this or he can say goodbye to his diploma and maybe, to his future?

Well, an internship might be tiring for some, but it is without a doubt beneficial for every graduating student out there. This is why one should actually be grateful that universities these days include this as one of the graduation requirements. They may find this daunting at first, but at the end of the internship, they will surely be glad they have gone through it.

So, how can one get an internship?

Here are some tips:

One should not just look an Internship Malaysia as a requirement and instead, he should consider this as an opportunity. That said, he should not settle to just any company that he will first come across and instead, he must make sure that the experience can be used for his real career later on. He should choose an industry that can prepare him for the path he will be walking on after he gets his diploma. That is right and thus the first step should be is to talk to someone who is in the same field that he wants to be a part of later on. He should be able to offer him sound suggestions.

Another option is the get the assistance of the school. The thing is, most companies will be watching for the new graduating batches and they will seek out for the top students. Thus, they will pass some exams in universities to assess them. At the same time, they will also give their contacts to the assigned department of the school. So, it goes without saying that the school can also help a lot in ensuring that a student will end up with a company that he desires.

Making sure that a student will attend career affairs, even if he is that busy can also help establish connections to the right companies. Yes, as it will help a lot in getting more information from different companies. If one is hunting for a company to have his internship, this option is one of the most effective.

Actually, seeking out for a company that offers an internship is not the problem here is there are a number of them around. But this is not what a student should look for only as well and instead, he should be choosing a company that can help him further his career later on. It means, that the company should be in the same industry where he wants to be a part of after graduation.

There are times as well when companies advertise their internship availability in newspapers or in their websites. Thus, it will be good if a graduating student will also check these things.

Just like when one is applying for a real job, he will be required to submit a resume along with an application letter. The company representative will then check the resume, but then again, it will be along with other so many resumes. So, it goes without saying that the assigned person will only have a short time to be convinced that one’s resume is worth their limited slot. With this to consider, one should have his resume polished by someone who is adept about this. If by chance there is no one for the student, he can ask help from the campus’ career centre. I am pretty sure, the people there will be too happy to help.

When one is accepted for an interview, this does not mean that his internship is already assured. It can still get denied. His chance of getting accepted will depend on how he will respond to the interview. One tip though, one should familiarize the company as of course, the focus of the questions will about it and how he will deal with the pressure of working with others, with some difficult people and more.

And lastly, one should not just answer questions to show his familiarity with the company. The interviewer will most likely ask the applicants to also ask questions. So, this is his time to ask the right questions in which he should already know the answer, so he will know how to follow it up in case the need arises.

Here’s a video you can refer to for some tips:

One should consider an internship as an opportunity to have a glimpse of the real world and not just a requirement. You can find plenty of internship opportunities at Kerija. Visit their website here:

He should try his best to make the most of this by focusing on learning the ropes of being an employed person and in establishing connections.

One must also be aware of fake job postings online. Nowadays, scammers have a way of tricking you to do what they want by creating fake postings online. Read more here.