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We are now in an era in which digitalization and technology is spreading faster and faster. The Internet is completely incorporated into everyday life and has touched practically all sectors from work, to online entertainment or to the gaming world (more and more following given the strong growth of eSports ). With the internet we can search for any kind of information at any time, or get in touch with people from all over the world, breaking down any type of geographical wall.

wifi - Essential Time Home Fibre Malaysia Offers You The Best

The Right Networks

The network is so used in our daily life that it would seem strange and inefficient not to use it. A study conducted by SWG found that 44% of people consider the internet indispensable, like water and light, while 51% consider the connection of fundamental importance, not only for economic development but also for social development.

The internet is therefore of considerable importance and its progress has had a strong impact on daily life. However, it is also essential to apply a good dose of caution when approaching the web, dangerous and poorly controlled sites, dissemination of false and unreliable news are the most typical elements on which, unfortunately, if a certain attention is not applied, one can come across. But that’s not all: another aspect to consider is the addiction due to excessive use. Being in front of a phone, computer or a screen connected to a console can cause disturbances to people, who very often become isolated, losing contact with social life.

In a time like this, characterized by a worldwide epidemic, the internet has been more useful than ever. Many students and workers, through their PCs and their internet connection, have been able to continue, albeit in a totally new way compared to normal, to study and work. Families have also increased their use in order to communicate with their families using applications that had the possibility of video calling, such as Skype, Zoom and many others. In this way the distance created by social distancing was almost nullified by the presence of the web.


Technology and especially the internet, for better or for worse, are an integral part of the life of all of us. There are many tools that the latter makes available to us, but it will only be our awareness of its use that will determine the good or bad use of one of the most important tools ever invented. Using Time fibre 100mbps home broadband Malaysia is the best choice for you.