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Floating Hose Repair In Malaysia

Floating hoses are applied to pipelines that are subjected to high seawater surges and are used on dredgers. It includes self-contained foam floats that connect to form a floating pipeline. Aside from that, it is widely used on all types of water basins. There are also several techniques that can be used to keep a hose floating in order to protect it from damage. For today’s article, I will be telling you what is floating hose repair In Malaysia and what is good about it.

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Atlus Malaysia

Atlus Malaysia is a good place to look for floating hose repair and maintenance. Their services have developed a mobile team of experts capable of creating facilities capable of repairing and maintaining the hose at an onshore marine facility near you. 

This is included in Atlus Malaysia’s offshore floating hose repair and maintenance services:

  • Engineering and Maintenance services
  • Inspection and pressure testing
  • Hose stringing/destringing
  • Dismantling and installation
  • Hose towing

Self Floating Hose

What are the benefits of a self-floating hose? The inner layer of the self-floating house was filled with low-density polymer, resulting in a hose emergence above the water of at least 20 percent of the total volume. This type of pipeline has a stable floating condition and can withstand powerful tension and torsion forces that steel pipelines cannot withstand in extreme environments.  


Some of the features of the self-floating hose include:

  • Colored indicator in the inner layer
  • The hose has two sides, so it can take turns using it.
  • Easy to install
  • Good adhesion
  • Long services life
  • Single foam flotation casing to prevent water absorption
  • Outer cover with excellent abrasion resistance and UV protection.

Other than that, floating hoses are widely used in a variety of water basins, including marine basins. The most common uses for floating hoses include oil reloading in ports, moving crude oil off an oil rig, dredging, and so on. Even in bad weather, floating hoses are easily visible. Because they are made of foam, they will never sink or absorb water while in use. It also can be found in a variety of environments, such as ports, docks, seas, silt, sand, flood discharge, and oil distribution. It is particularly suited to large stormwater construction projects. Even in inclement weather, floating hoses are easily visible. They are made of foam, which does not absorb water or sink under any circumstances. 

when your offshore floating hose requires repair, maintenance, or periodic inspections, you may face difficulties in locating the expertise and facilities to repair and maintain your hose that is far from your location. This means you’ll have to spend more money on logistics and allow for more downtime. You no longer need a slipway to launch your hose with Altus’ purpose-built hose launcher.


In the end, repair and upkeep of floating hoses allow them to deteriorate in the absence of regular maintenance, While it is impossible to predict what will happen offshore, you can take precautions to avoid the worst-case scenario. Atlus Malaysia has more information on floating hose repair in Malaysia.