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How to Land A Good Paying Job in Malaysia

How to Land a Good Paying Job in Malaysia

Are you an expat who wants to try your luck in a foreign country? Or maybe you want to migrate along with your family in Malaysia? This country is quite attractive to expats as aside from the fact that it is a cheap place, it is not that hard to get a job as well. Yes, if you are a skilled expat, you can easily settle in Malaysia. in fact, there are about 9% expats that are now living comfortably in this part of the world. They realize that this country is worth their decision.

However, even if Malaysia can offer you a lot of opportunities, you have to note that there are now so many people like you who also want to try their luck here. This is you should consider a tough competition and make good in find a job in this place. To help you, here are some tips you will surely find useful as they are what most employers in Malaysia are looking for.

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1. Your drive and energy

– your enthusiasm will surely matter when doing the interview. From there, they will be able to see some hints if you are indeed a good addition to their team. So, be sure that you can show how motivated you are in getting a job and how willing you are to become an asset to them. Just make sure though that you won’t sound too patronizing as they might assume you think them as pushovers.

2. If you can fit their company’s culture

– knowing that you are from another country, your employer will surely ask you questions about how you can fit in their culture. This is quite important since you need to blend well with their pool of employees. You should be able to work with them hand in hand. Thus, before submitting employment in malaysia , you have to dig more about the company. At the same time, you also need to learn about Malaysia’s culture. This way you will be able to live and think like them. that is if you really want to settle in this country.

3. What you can possibly bring to the company in the long run

– this aspect is quite important as well. Your employer will be concerned if you can really become an asset to them knowing you don’t grow in the same country. At the same time, they also don’t want to be just your stepping stone while you are getting the hang of living in this country. They want to ask you if you are willing to stay with them for a long time and you won’t consider leaving them behind just because you find a company that can offer more.

4. How you cope with disappointments

– we all know that before one can soar, he will go through a lot of hurdles. Depending on his will to survive, he might reach the peak of his career or he might by blocked. Employers don’t really expect perfection as they know that is simply impossible. Instead, they expect their people to be ready in case something unexpected happen. They want to know how resilient you are to get up from a downfall. Yes, they want to see how you will handle tough situations.

5. How you carry yourself

– presentation is important in every employee. Employers would love to see their employees dressing up decently. At the same time, they would prefer those who are confident looking. Someone who has a bearing and who knows how to talk to the higher ups without hesitations and without cowering.

6. How you apply for the job

– they want to see your creativity in everything like in applying a job. They want to see how their employees would try their best to excel or to be creative so they will be preferred. Thus, when applying, don’t be so basic.

You have to show your creativity by coming up with a fresh idea. Of course, it goes without saying that your concept should still be in the bounds of what they are looking for and on their required processes when it comes to their applicants.

Living in Malaysia is a good idea. They have the best facilities for their people and for ex-pats. However, you have to show what you are made of as well. You also need to offer something so that this country will accept you with open arms. The jobs might come in a bounty, but don’t forget the fact that so are the applicants. So, do your best to be shortlisted every time you pass your resume.

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