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How to Make Kids Eat More Fruits

It is an uphill battle to get your kids to love fruits. Some of them grew up extremely in love with them but the rest, it’s a bit complicated. The love-hate relationship children have with fruits can be tackled in so many different ways. But beware, it can be a little tricky to get them falling in love with fruits. But of course, lucky for you the internet’s got more than just tips to get your kids to love fruits in your grocery list!

First of all, why are fruits the perfect addition to your child’s diet? You should never skip the addition of fruit because they have so many physical and mental health benefits. They are determinant to the immunity, heart health, and development of the child. Fruits are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, magnesium, and very rich in antioxidants. Some of them also have anticancerous properties. Fruits can save your kids from a lifetime of dependency on supplements. 

So how can you get your kids to love these fruits you got from the best fruits and vegetable delivery malaysia has to offer? Let’s take a look at some of these tips. 

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Make A Creamy Drink With Fruits

Creamy drinks are loved by everyone and especially by kids. Kids love milkshakes, smoothies, and blended yogurt drinks that all indicate creamy goodness. But oftentimes these creamy drinks come with a heavy punch of sugar and preservatives. However, parents can use fruits to make these creamy drinks a better delight for everyone. You can mix bananas into yogurt or ice cream to make a banana milkshake. You can also blend some frozen raspberries, bananas, mangoes to make a very smooth and creamy fruit bowl. For an added creaminess, add some coconut milk or oats milk. This gives some creaminess to the fruit bowl without making it all consumed with sugar. 

Frozen Fruits Popsicles!!

What’s the next best idea for an ice cream blend? It’s popsicles. Kids love lollipops and popsicles. So imagine colorful ranges of fruit popsicles in our fridge for whenever kids get their sweet sugary rush. Fruits have plenty of sweetness in them and they can be mixed with other fruits to make different blends. Pop these blends into a popsicle mold and watch how they become delightful and colorful popsicles for kids! 

Blend Them In A Yogurt

What is your kid’s favorite plain yogurt? Probably none. Kids tend to hate anything plain. So what’s the perfect way to spruce up the healthy yogurt? Add in some fruits and now we got the best of both worlds. We got healthy diary content and fruit content to fill up the kid’s tummies. 

Cut Your Fruits Into Shapes 

Kids also love to eat anything in weird and cute shapes. Imagine if you cut watermelons pieces into hearts? We can already imagine the look of delight on your kid’s face when they open their lunch box to see tiny hearts. You can also decorate the piece of fruits after cutting them. For example, you can make happy faces on banana slices or mango slices. You can also use grapes to build a stickman. It can be extremely creative in the kitchen and it is even more fun to involve your kids in the process of decorating fruits!