OMRON Automation Component

Learn about automation system and components in Malaysia

Have you driven a car without having your feet on the car pedals? Sounds cool right? Well, it is possible with the usage of automated systems. Just like the car, usage of automated systems on the material helps for efficiency and increase in the quality.

With the power of the Industrial Internet of things (IoT), the factories have been functioning with various types of automation systems

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Partially manual processes – This process of automated systems will work in a partially manual process. The simple jobs will be automated and function by the factories. Meanwhile, the process also will be overseen by a trained human professional. Hence, any crucial decisions will be decided by the professionals.

Automated single machines- This type of system is responsible to operate a specific yet repetitive task. 

Automated production lines- This type of automated system will work in sequences. Every workstation will be in charge of each task while all of them are connected with each of it with a transfer system. In this process, the goods will move through each machine in order. The product will be completed at the end of the order. This type of system is common in the food & beverages industry. Moreover, this system does not need human supervision.

End-to-end automation-This is a unique automation system that does not need human workers at the factory. This system is also known as “lights out” and “dark” circumstances at the factory. It implies that it functions with the lights off 24 hours off the day automatically without humans. 

There are many factories and companies that use automation systems. Omron’s Automation Component Malaysia is one of the factories that produce quality automation components. Their automation components consist of programmable controllers, networks, RFID systems, software, and many more. 

The Omron solution provides many advantages through the automated solution.

Robotic solutions – Omron produces robots which are also called Autonomous Intelligent vehicles ( AIVs). These robots help for the betterment of productivity and logistics management. It enables a factory to function without errors. The AIV enables the faster delivery of the products inside the warehouses where the products can reach another workplace in a factory. Omron’s Sysmac Platform is a system that has flexible control for the machine to operate with one control. 

Safety at factories- Omron guarantees safety and protects workers from possible dangers. By using the robots in the production of the material which will be suitable for repetitive jobs. It allows the factory to operate with less risk for operators which may be caused by the damages from machines. There will be no inconsistency in terms of productivity with the use of machines.

Traceability – The Omron solution produces traceability for protecting the brand, patterns, and vital information of the factory. Their system allows the company to protect vital information with the tracing, tracking, and controlling system. 

The traceability will be connected to the through two ways.

  • External traceability refers to the trackable components that are given unique identification for each of them. This will enable it to easily identify the between shared supply chains. 
  • Internal traceability is the process of giving a unique product tracker once the raw material is made into a complete good.

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