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Making Your Home A Safe Space During The Pandemic

We have lost count of the number of times we have gone back into lockdown. Some of us have been in lockdown for more than a year and a half while others are coming back to lockdown after a fantastic time partying and hanging out with friends. Our homes are no longer safe as variants of the covid 19 viruses begin to form all over the world and cases are toppling over. Life has truly changed for everyone since the pandemic. Malaysia is currently witnessing its worst state of the pandemic since the beginning of the spread of the virus. More than 10,000 cases all over the country every day, and people are struggling to stay happy and safe in the protection of their homes.

As calamity hits us, we often wonder how to protect us in its face. So how do we protect ourselves from the pandemic, while in our home? Let’s explore the different ways we could keep our home safe and happy during the pandemic! 

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Sterilization In Your Home 

One of the first steps to protect ourselves and making our home a safe space, is literally making it safe from the covid 19. Some of us have splurged a little on Dr. Clo Malaysia in hopes of making our home the safest place on earth. Sterilizations sticks such as Dr.Clo have been effective at killing traces of bacteria and viruses like the Covid 19. But a sterilization stick is not enough to keep our home hygienic and free from viruses. While we dont need to roam around in our home in protective gear, we can prep our home and clean it with chemicals that are designed to kill Covid 19. Sometimes little solution of soap is also enough to keep the countertops clean and sterilized. The common places we all touch needs to be cleaned for the safety of everyone in the home. 

Well-Stocked Pantry 

The pandemic has limited our grocery shopping days to a bare minimum. So it is important that we keep our pantry well-stocked and fresh as we prepare for a new day. There is no way we can go to grocery stores like the way we used to. In order to make our home a safe space, we need to be in an environment where we are well fed, filled with energy, happy, and certainly not hungry. 

Foster An Active Environment 

Our movements have been largely limited as a result of the pandemic. We can no longer go out and have fun or go for a run. Nor can we exercise in the greenery of the park or utilize the public exercising equipment. 

Making our home safe is not only about wiping down our doors with chlorinated chemicals. But it is also about promoting well-being in our home. One of the best ways to promote is with the help of a well-stocked pantry and exercising equipment. The equipment could be something as simple as a yoga mattress or even a couple of dumbbells to motivate your fitness journey.