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Digital Marketing

SEO or Traditional Marketing for Your Website?

Traditional marketing refers to marketing techniques that do not need the use of the internet. These are approaches that have been around for decades but are now less commonly employed. 

Below are the examples of traditional marketing:

  • Directly mailed postcards, coupons, and informational packets
  • Television or radio commercials
  • Newspaper or magazine ads
  • Billboards and fliers
  • Telephone calls and text notifications

Many of these advertisements may be seen and heard of every day simply by listening to the radio on our way to work or by gazing out the car window at sign boards or billboards as we pass by. They’ve been ingrained in our lifestyle.

Traditional ways of marketing are significantly more expensive than Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing. Traditional marketing does not ensure that customers will come to your store to make a purchase and it isn’t always guaranteed to reach the targeted audience.

SEO on the other hand is not like that. People that have already entered your marketing funnel are seeking something to do with their money. All you have to do is use Google for them to come across you.

As a result, SEO has a considerably greater conversion rate than traditional marketing. The close rate for SEO is 14.6%, compared to 1.7%  for traditional marketing.

Is SEO worth it?

If you have the appropriate plan in place and work with a partner that knows how to produce results, SEO is definitely much more profitable. Around 93% of online interactions begin with a search engine, and SEO leads close at a far greater rate than traditional marketing leads. This is also one of the reasons why SEO has a high return on investment (ROI).

Are SEO companies worth it?

It is proven that SEO is a good approach in terms of marketing, but should you hire a professional Malaysia SEO company?

You have three choices in order to enhance the SEO of your website: do it yourself, hire an in-house SEO, or engage with Malaysia SEO Company. Let’s have a look at the possibilities.

Doing SEO yourself 

There is a wealth of material available on the internet on how to do SEO. You may save money by doing your own SEO and have total control over the process.

However, learning SEO takes a long time. As a result, getting started and seeing results may take some time. To maintain your site ranking well, you must also stay up with changes within the SEO business industry.

This technique may work if the website you have isn’t that big and a lot of free time, but it can be quite difficult.

Hiring an in-house SEO

Hiring an in-house SEO is another alternative to SEO marketing. If you can add someone to your team, this alternative may work well. You still have direct control over the job with this choice and you do not need to do it all by yourself.

Hiring a new employee may be time-consuming, and there are fees associated with onboarding and other expenses.

These fees may be too expensive for some firms, particularly SMBs. It might also be difficult to find the ideal staff to do this job if you don’t understand how SEO works yourself.

Collaborating with an agency 

You may also collaborate with an SEO agency. The top SEO agencies like Malaysia SEO agency have plenty of experience and resources, allowing them to provide results fast and consistent. You won’t have to worry about figuring out how to perform the task yourself or finding the ideal staff.

Make sure you get an experienced agency that is very clear about their cost and show you their previous work. Look for testimonials, client feedback, and a portfolio. They should also be willing to develop an SEO strategy based on your specific requirements specifically for your website.

While your SEO won’t be in your office every day, SEO companies like Malaysia SEO Agency give frequent reports and have really good feedback.

Are SEO services worth it? 

Should you hire a professional agency for SEO services? Yes SEO services are well worth the money if you select a trustworthy, experienced agency like Malaysia SEO Agency.