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Talking To Your Kids About The Birds and Bees Part 1

Talking about sex with your friends is one thing, talking about it with your parents is another. And if you feel that that is difficult, talking about sex with your kids is a whole other ball game. Especially for those of us who live in conservative countries where the topic of sex is not widely acknowledged. And though you might feel that it is easier leaving it to the teachers in school, Sex. Ed. is not a topic that is taught in schools in many Asian countries. Hence, you will have to pucker up the courage to talk to your kids regarding this matter. Here are some ways you can teach your kids about sex. 

Introduce the Body Parts

To begin with, you should introduce the body parts to your kids. You can start by showing them their parts and introducing them to them by using the actual names of said body parts. You should use words like “penis”, “vagina” and “orgasm” when teaching them about the workings of sex. If you are shy, try practising with your partner before attempting it with your kids. This shows them that it is part of their body and that there is nothing to be shy, ashamed or embarrassed about. And remember, it’s better to get people of the same gender talking about sex. This means that dads should talk to their sons and moms should have the talk with their daughters. This is to avoid any untoward incidences like incest between siblings from happenings should they get too comfortable with their bodies. 

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Monitor Your Children’s Media Usage

Yes, I know. I just said that you should introduce sex to your kids, but allowing them to find out about it online might bring harmful consequences. You know best what your kids are ready to learn about, and as such, you can pace yourself and teach them about sex slowly. On the other hand, the media has all sorts of information regarding sex online that is not filtered. If you look up information about sex online, vanilla sex is the bare minimum. You have information like BDSM, incest, unconventional relationships and so on. Should your kid accidentally encounter a rather uncensored site, they might be scarred for life. They could also be influenced by these unconventional fetishes that people enjoy and might endeavour to try them out themselves. And you wouldn’t want your child to be having incest sex, now do you?

Alright, this is the end of part 1, if you’d like to read the rest, click the link here for part 2 of my article. And while you’re learning this, why not get yourself some sex toys to indulge yourself in. Check out sex toys from Secret Cherry in Malaysia on their website.