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The Best Cargo Service In The Malaysia

Your logistics provider’s dependability might sometimes determine whether or not your internet business is successful. We will share with you a list of the most sought-after Malaysian logistics partners in this post based on our investigation. However, before choosing a Malaysian logistics company, keep in mind the following points:

  • Exemplary client services

There are occasions when delivery delays are unavoidable. Your logistics provider must therefore have good problem-solving skills and open channels of communication if they want to maintain customer satisfaction. Customer responsiveness should be a top priority for the logistics provider’s CS. Otherwise, this will lead to higher cancellation rates and unfavorable customer feedback, which will affect how potential customers perceive your company. We advise you to check the customer reviews of your preferred logistics provider to determine which ones have received praise for providing excellent customer service.

  • Safety note

Get to know the general feedback that sellers and customers have about your designated logistics provider. If the customer has not received the parcel because the item was lost by the courier, this incident will still have an impact on your business in terms of brand reputation.

There are also instances when a customer returns a product and due to some unforeseen circumstances, your product is lost or damaged when it arrives at your warehouse. Logistics company safety records almost never happen by chance. Look at the logistics provider’s performance from both the perspective of other sellers and customer reviews.

  • Features for Real-Time Tracking

Online customers prefer to receive updates on the progress of their orders while they are being delivered since it enables them to determine whether they need to designate someone to accept the package.

Some reliable logistics firms still lack real-time tracking capabilities in their logistics systems despite the growth of e-commerce. Determining the logistics provider that best matches online sales is crucial.

Malaysian Logistics Provider For eCommerce Brands & Sellers

We have compiled a list of Malaysia Logistics providers along with a set of criteria to help determine if it meets your online business needs:

  • DHL

Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn founded DHL in 1969. DHL is known for its vision to revolutionize logistics. One of its recent achievements was a successful three-month trial of parcelcopter. These are automated helicopters that carry parcels back and forth to the Reit im Winkl community. Parcelcopter only takes 8 minutes to deliver what a normal car needs for 30 minutes. DHL is a leading Malaysian logistics provider currently working with 380,000 people in more than 220 countries, delivering 1,588,000,000 packages per year.

  • Kuehne + Malaysian Nagel

Kuehne + Nagel Malaysia has an extensive global network that can support shipping your packages from Malaysia to the rest of the world. It is part of the Kuehne + Nagel Group which owns 125 years of freight forwarding experience and is considered one of the global leaders in supply chain management.

  • Tiong Nam Logistics

Tiong Nam began as a small-scale cargo company in Peninsular Malaysia that concentrated on cargo consolidation and micro-distribution before rising to become Malaysia’s top logistics provider. It eventually succeeded in becoming a legitimate organization, growing to include Singapore, Vietnam, China, and other ASEAN nations. Additionally, it added new services to the business, like remote shipping and warehousing. For further information you can check in this link cargo handling services in Malaysia.

  • TASCO Berhad

TASCO Berhad is a Malaysian logistics provider that provides you with the following solutions:

  • Shipping goods by air
  • Contract logistics
  • Sea freight
  • Origin Cargo Orders & Vendor Management

TASCO Berhad is part of the global network of Yusen Logistics Co. Ltd. which has 514 locations and over 22,254 employees.

  • CEVA Logistics

CEVA Logistics is Malaysia’s most compatible logistics provider with large and medium-sized national and multinational companies around the world. It aims to provide end-to-end logistics solutions to its clients with the help of its partnership with CMA CGM, another worldwide shipping group. CEVA Logistics has an integrated global network operating in more than 160 countries with 58,000 employees who are all dedicated to providing the best logistics services.

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