The Palm Facts

The Palm Facts

Mirror Mirror on the wall, tell me what is the best oil?

Organic palm oil is growing faster than conventional Alcopalma CEO on opportunities for growth wrbm large - The Palm Facts

Oil can be used by many things, such as cooking purpose, supplement we humans consume in our daily life, and so on.

Usually, what we really heard from people saying how good the effect of coconut oil is, how good is the Moroccan oil, the veggie oil and so on, but is there anyone really discuss about the effect of Oil Palm?

When it comes to palm oil, do you there’s a thing called coconut palm? Coconut palm produces fruit, and this fruit contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients in it.

Coconut palm has been known since the year of 1929. It is not as famous as the usual type of palm tree people used to discuss.

If you want to know more about coconut palm’s benefit and the purpose of this plant, do find the information yourself as my main topic today is not focusing on coconut palm.

Whenever people talk about cooking, what is the first thing they are looking for? Healthy? Cheap in terms of price? Or anything else?

Usually, when it comes to cooking, it will be a mother buying from the grocery shop. Of course, there is a young adult that busy with working life, will also consider cooking, which needs good cooking oil.

The food that we eat from outside contains a lot of fats, saturated fats and so on.

People are now more focus on health, although people might have started to look for purchasing a healthy meal, instead of fast food, which contains a lot of sugar and oil in it.

People might not reduce the amount of purchasing from outside, but then they will look for food that is healthier, it doesn’t matter if the price actually.

To conclude, eating healthy is so important to everyone. So, have you started your healthy journey already? With pertanian e-dagang could definitely give more information to the society about agriculture in Malaysia.

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