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The Principle And Use of Foaming Agent

Foaming agent is the material that makes the object matter into pores. It can be divided into chemical foaming agent, physical foaming agent and surface active agent.

Chemical foaming agents are compounds that, when decomposed by heat, release gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen and form fine pores in the polymer composition. Chemical foaming agent has inorganic foaming agent and organic foaming agent. In addition, if the pores of foam are formed by a change in the physical form of a substance, that is, by the expansion of compressed gas, the evaporation of liquid or the dissolution of solid, then the substance is called a physical foaming agent. Commonly used physical foaming agents are low boiling alkanes and fluorocarbons. Furthermore, anionic surfactant aqueous solutions produce a large number of foams when mechanical forces are introduced into the air. It is widely used in the field of plasterboard and foamed concrete.

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The foaming agent has high surface activity, can effectively reduce the surface tension of liquid, and a double electron layer on the surface of liquid film is arranged to surround the air, forming bubbles, and then composed of a single bubble foam. The essence of a foaming agent is its surface activity. If there is no surface activity, it cannot be foamed, and it cannot be a foaming agent. Surface activity is the core of foaming.

Next, foaming agent is used for many purposes, the most common is used in the home, and sometimes used in construction. At present, most of the foaming agents on the market have been put into industrial use, mainly used in automobile manufacturing, electrical appliances and toy models. Automobile manufacturing can be used in different places according to the type of foaming agent. As the foaming agent has the effect of sealing and sound insulation, it is used more in the sealing of auto parts.

Foaming agent is also used in electrical manufacturing, because electrical appliances in the manufacturing process need to use foaming agent for sealing. The foaming agent is a combination of aerosol technology and polyurethane foam technology, so the performance is the same as that of polyurethane foam. Foaming agent is more suitable for the sealing of precision parts, because foaming agent is easy to control in dosage, using a very small amount of foaming agent can achieve the effect of sealing electrical appliances, so that electrical appliances achieve waterproof, moisture-proof, insulation and sealing effect.

There are many kinds of foaming agents and brands on the market at present. It is hard to avoid mistakes when choosing and buying. But for the quality of products, we should choose the brand suppliers with quality assurance. For example, 3D Resources provides the best foaming agent in Malaysia. The foaming agent price of different brands has a very big difference, but its effect is much the same. The different place is whether the foaming agent produced is environmental protection. Only environmentally friendly foaming agents can be put into production, because both electrical appliances and cars are closely related to our lives. We need to raise our awareness of environmental protection.