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The Self-Service Kiosk Good For Customers

image - The Self-Service Kiosk Good For Customers

Are you aware of the current technological changes? Many technologies nowadays have developed rapidly and made it easier for people to do things. One of which is a self-service kiosk, POS Malaysia. As we know most businesses start using self-service kiosks POS Malaysia to make it easier for customers to use the technology tool because it can save them time when paying for something. With this service, customers don’t have to worry about paying the bill because it can be done at any time and there is no need to queue to use it unless someone is using it.

Benefits of self-service kiosks POS Malaysia. 

Self-service kiosks are a solution for all businesses that have many customers such as restaurants and other businesses. There are various benefits of this self-service kiosk. For example: 

1. Facilitate customers for the order. 

       Giving the customer to choose the food he likes at the self-service kiosk. The picture will be displayed on the screen so that the customer can choose well, including the price and all the menus that are still available.

2. Quality service. 

     Provide quality time in using self-service kiosks because with the technology it can save customers’ time and can also make it easier for everyone.

3. Availability any time of day, every day. 

       This service is provided 24 hours, this is because most people don’t have time to pay bills when they finish work, with the presence of this self-service kiosk it can make it easier for them.

4. Serving more customers. 

       With this service, the movement will go smoothly and there will be no rush when you want to make a deposit at the counter. Most customers like the service because it is stress-free for them and the public.

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self-service kiosk

There are also several locations that provide this self-service kiosk

For example: 

i) Kedah – Pejabat Pos Besar Alor setar

  • Bill payment, stamp purchase, SODA account top-up

ii) Kuala Lumpur – Pejabat Pos Besar Kuala Lumpur

  • Bill payment, stamp purchase, mail packages/documents, SODA account top-up

iii) Terengganu – Pejabat pos chukai

  • Bill payment, stamp purchase, SODA account top-up

The advantages of paying at this kiosk machine are:

       Payment can be made by credit/debit card, e-wallet and etc. because when using a card or similar will make it easy for customers to do something. Next, User friendly for example by checking using a QR code no have too much time to wait and can see the payment at the mobile phone. 

Self-service kiosks in hospitals? 

       Must have self-service kiosks at the hospital. This service is also provided to make it easier for patients to pay for their medicine because paying with cash may cause long waits and long queues. I think hospitals already have self-service kiosks, besides that it will also make it easier for the hospital. 


       The user of this self-service kiosk must use prudently and must be a responsible and selfless user because this facility is available for all communities to use it. Therefore, as a society we must be tolerant in using the service.