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Types of SAP Consultants

COVID-19 and the advancement of digital technology, for example, have created uncertainty regarding the changes impacting industry. Building a business infrastructure platform that anticipates rapid cloud-based responses to significant changes in business is critical for increasing company competitiveness and achieving sustainable growth in an environment like this. That is why, Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP System is very important for the development of a business or company.

SAP HANA - Types of SAP Consultants

Therefore, there are System Analysis Program Development or called as SAP to reduce the operational burden of information technology and to improve the usefulness and speed of offered services. If you look through the internet, you can find that there are actually several types of SAP consultants which includes SAP S/4HANA Partner Malaysia. I will explain briefly in the article about some types of SAP consultants that you can hire for your business:

1.       SAP Technical Consultants

Technical consultants in SAP are also known as SAP Basis consultants. These people will assist with the installation, maintenance, and performance optimization of SAP servers and databases. Providing guidelines and experience on software deployment and integration are also one of the duties of an SAP technical consultant. They will also be responsible for ensuring compliance with industry laws and regulations, as well as staying up to speed on the current SAP trends, advancements, and offers.

Here are some things that they will do:

–          Create a solution for the time management module.

–          Translate customer and internal specifications for EDI application interfaces and mappings improvements and additions.

–          Complete system integration testing and post-implementation assistance.

2.       SAP Functional Consultants

An SAP Function consultant is responsible for understanding company needs and converting them into an SAP ‘Business Process.’ A functional consultant integrates numerous transaction codes in a logic that covers all business process operations.

These are some of the responsibilities of an SAP Functional Consultant that you need to know:

–          Provide the client with external know-how. Intelligence, process understanding, a sense for flaws, and basic common sense are more important than manpower.

–          Modifying the relevant business area and ensuring that the system responds in accordance with the restrictions of the intended use case.

–          They ensure that users are properly trained, that the system is usable, that it is operating properly, and that the business flow is full and correct.

3.       Developer Consultants

As a developer consultant, they will be in charge of coding ABAP/Java programs. They run various diagnostic tests on new and current applications to verify compliance with appropriate standards and requirements, while also offering technical support to end-users with system difficulties. An SAP developer must have strong communication and technical abilities, particularly when it comes to assessing features for seamless navigation and operations.

These are the common responsibilities of a developer consultant for any SAP company:

–          Make some minor changes, such as adding a selection field to reports, a field to the output layout, and an area menu.

–          Organize knowledge transfer workshops for the project finance team using a virtual classroom and a teleconference arrangement.

–          Collect and assess the needs for replicating ECC content in HANA via data provisioning.

Basically, there are actually a lot more responsibilities of those consultants. It depends on which company they are working at and who they will be working for.