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What Do You Have To Study Program Of Video Games?

Video games are the pioneers of a new concept called interactive multimedia that, together with the technological advances of the last decade, have managed to increasingly involve the user with the digital environment through interactivity, thus creating a greater bond between the player and the player. The videogame. In this sense, intensive research about the use of new technologies and cinematographic resources that recreate interactive multimedia language and thus reflect on the effect that this generates in audio-visual culture.

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This essay aims to study basic concepts such as audio-visual culture, digital culture, generation of millennials, interactivity, communication and language, genres and subgenres, audio-visual rhetoric, virtual reality, computing, and cinematography, plus other technical concepts that apply to development. And a study of videogames. Besides, there are so many concepts to video games including sports. So a sports science course can also come across as beneficial when developing video games and learning how to do so.

It will also deal with those antecedents that promoted the birth and evolution of video games as the first interactive mass medium, also dealing with the issues of cultural, economic, and technological consumption that intervene in its development and that manages to be part of the daily entertainment of millions of people in the world. World. That is why many are interested in studying the factors that influence the way users interact with the video game, starting from its production origins to understand the mechanisms and operation of this new interactive medium.

Production of curricular content

All the content of the graduation project is closely linked to various subjects of the digital design career and the bachelor’s degree in design and communication business. Starting from the basic knowledge of the history and origin of video games, it is recognized that like all audio-visual media it goes back to the concept of cinematography which is given in those subjects of history and trend of modern art where it is approached how they were created and modified those photographic cameras for recording visual representations.

On the other hand, in the career of the design and communication business degree with the matters of marketing and business management, concepts are developed on how the production chains of any industry work, which in this essay explains how the industry of video games for its production to understand how the value chain and product life are managed. It also takes into consideration those concepts given in the subjects of communication theories and audio-visual discourses to understand the communication system that manifests itself in video games and through the rhetoric of language to look for those characteristics that conceptualize the video game as a medium interactive communication.

In the same way, from a methodological point of view, the subjects of research strategies, research and development I and II and even writing workshop from Widad University are of great importance since they stimulated me to recognize your own writing style in addition to learning the different ways research and information search to broaden the spectrum of knowledge in your work.

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