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What is Self-Payment Kiosk Machine?

Self-order and self-service, as the name suggests, refer to an effort to serve oneself in an activity. Self-ordering emphasizes more on how to order products that are done independently. Meanwhile, self-service emphasizes more services that are carried out independently oneself. These two concepts are the easiest to find in a restaurant business. Regarding self-ordering and self-service, they generally use technology for their implementation. For example, for self-ordering at a restaurant, the restaurant provides a tablet at each table so that seated customers simply order through the tablet. The payment system can also be done cashless with electronic money. While self-service, for example, is when customers enter a restaurant, they can find an empty table for themselves. Likewise, ordering through tablets is part of self-service. In a junk food restaurant, customers also usually take their sauce and chili sauce. After eating, customers can clean their table by bringing the used dining area to the place that has been prepared. These are examples of the implementation of self-service in restaurants that are starting to be widely applied. Looking for Self payment kiosk machine malaysia?

The definition of the kiosk is a computer terminal created to provide information or provide services that exist in a business or company. Several prominent locations exist, such as train stations, banks, and airports, but are still rarely found in public places and many other places. Services using kiosks, the goal is to facilitate service or customers who come to carry out activities such as example, sending money other than at ATMs, making it easier to virtual top-up funds to applications through kiosks, buying credit for data packages, and being able to buy train tickets and others. Below, I will also discuss where the kiosk machine is located, but now I will give you the benefits of using self-service with a kiosk.

Benefits of Using Self-Service/Kiosk For Companies:

1. Reducing Customer Dependence on Companies

When our customers can solve their problems without us having to queue long, customers don’t have to ask the staff because there is already a video guide in the kiosk, for example, a bank customer has a problem sending money to a relative. He doesn’t have to wait for the bank’s business day. They just use internet banking services so that that money can be sent immediately.

2. Satisfaction Increases, Profits Increase

When the company grows and fully supports it, it will improve the quality of service to customers. So automatically, their level of satisfaction also increases.

An example is when customers often buy your product because they rely on automated machines, and transactions are fast and efficient. So customers will buy at your place more often with self-service.

3. Improve Business Efficiency

Seeing from the definition of the kiosk, the kiosk is believed to streamline the customer experience efficiently and effectively. That means using kiosks will get a different satisfaction and experience when making transactions. So you don’t need to bother. All transaction systems are running automatically. Those are some of the advantages of using self-service with kiosks. How ? does it interest you as an entrepreneur to try automation and reduce the workload? It is also a very easy-to-use kiosk because it has been designed to provide a different experience for customers. They will be happier to buy or do automatic transactions there than having to face to face.