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What To Look Out For When Renting An Apartment

When given the option, most of us would definitely want to buy a property, instead of renting one. However, many of us might not be able to because of financial reasons or perhaps renting is easier as the stay is short. University students, especially, have these reasons (and more) when it comes to renting a property. Which is why it is important to know what to look out for when renting a property, or in this case, an apartment. Since the student life is not as carefree in terms of financial priorities, it is important for renters to pay according with whatever facility is available, not to overpay or underpay, or even to get themselves scammed in the end.  Whether you are renting an apartment around Semenyih, here are some things to look out for when renting any apartment.

The Cost

First of all, can you afford to live in this area? You should think about your budget before really contemplating an apartment. Conduct some web research to obtain an idea of the neighbourhood’s usual rental rates. If you’re prepared to pay a premium for a certain area, you’ll have to find alternative ways to save money. Alternatively, you could locate roommates to help with the costs. Also, if an apartment’s rent is exceptionally low in comparison to other apartments in the region, this could be a major red signal. The important message is that before looking at flats and negotiating a price, make sure you understand the market.

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The Standard of Excellence

Don’t believe everything you see on the internet. Before you rent any property, make an appointment to see it in person. Remember that minor cosmetic issues like broken blinds or marks on the wall can be repaired — possibly by your owner. However, deeper issues could indicate that the unit hasn’t been adequately maintained. Look for bugs, rodents, leaking taps, water leaks, lead paint, asbestos, unclean air filters, mould, faulty air conditioners, rust, broken glass, and electrical issues as you walk through the apartment.

The Owner of the Property

Your landlord has the potential to significantly affect your tenancy. You could end up in your own renting nightmare (or worse, a lawsuit) if you have a lousy landlord with poor ethics or a lack of limits. To avoid this, attempt to meet with your owner or, at least, have a phone conversation with him or her. If you’re moving into an apartment with housemates already, make sure to inquire about their landlord’s overall experience.

The Utility and Amenities

Don’t forget about the costs of utilities! You’ll almost certainly have to pay for various utilities in addition to the monthly rent during your stay. Your lease should specify which utilities you are accountable for. Check with your landlord before signing the lease if you have any queries regarding who pays for what. Besides that, you should also consider the area’s amenities, before you rent an apartment. This is because you need to make sure that the amenities fit your lifestyle. If you are a student who needs public transport to commute, you should consider renting an apartment close to any MRT or LRT stations. Maybe you are a religious person that likes to go to Sunday churches or pray at the mosque every once in a while, hence, you would want somewhere which is close to any mosque or churches.

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