Why Are Mothers Obsessed with Tupperware?

Mother’s obsession with Tupperware is a big mystery that surrounds the universe of life. It is common knowledge that today’s children feel that their mothers love their Tupperware more than their own children. Husbands who get their lunch in a beautiful Tupperware always feel anxious if the Tupperware lid gets lost in the office.

Missing Tupperware caps are a fairly common occurrence. Because after all, it is normal if someone eats lunch from a Tupperware, that person tends to ignore the existence of the Tupperware lid. Moreover, coupled with the fact that 9 out of 10 pantry workers in offices tend to separate the Tupperware from the lid when they finish washing the Tupperware. So on Google you will find so many questions about “where to buy Tupperware lids for meal prep Malaysia?”

Among others:

Women generally like something colourful.

It is common knowledge that women have names for far more colour variations than men. And that Tupperware has a lot of colour variations. Mothers around the world will feel that their life is incomplete if there is no Tupperware in their house with 9 variations of blue, 7 variations of red, 6 variations of yellow and many more.

The cute and varied shapes of Tupperware.

This also make mothers feel that they have almost unlimited choices. So when you go to the mall or shop online, it is certain that there is a unique Tupperware that you don’t have which you have to buy.

Mothers love to collect.

This, as well as the price of Tupperware is relatively not too expensive compared to other beautiful things that can be collected such as gold rings, diamond earrings and platinum necklaces. So that the feelings of guilt that mothers have (if any) when shopping for expensive items can be minimized.

Its functional nature causes there is always a reason to buy it

This means that each Tupperware has a different function even if all the functions of household appliances are represented by a Tupperware, there is always a reason to buy a new Tupperware. Suppose the Kapal Api coffee has been stored nicely in a Tupperware. You can still buy more Tupperware to store Nescafé and Moccachino coffee, even though no one at home likes Nescafé and Moccachino.

Intimacy towards his family

Tupperware is the perfect tool to serve as a container for your husband’s or children’s lunch to go to work or school. There is a special kind of happiness when a woman cooks breakfast and puts her homemade food in a box of Tupperware. Because the delicacy of a food must be balanced by the beauty of the container.


Sometimes mothers and mothers want to buy a form of Tupperware, but unfortunately the desired form of Tupperware is in the same package with other Tupperware that is not very desirable. In terms of buying one package it will be very expensive, what’s wrong with buying it jointly with other mothers who may have an interest in other Tupperware that is still in the same package. So that moment of togetherness when buying Tupperware together is a fun moment.

Guarantee if damaged it will be replaced

So unlike other items, a new Tupperware will be considered worthless when the Tupperware is lost. Meanwhile, if Tupperware is damaged, just exchange it again with a new one. So that the feeling of being tied is very strong between mothers and Tupperware. Because while other items have a lot of potential to become worthless, Tupperware is always valuable all the time.

Tupperware is an item that often has discounts

You know, mothers are the most enthusiastic about buying items that have discounts. Tupperware which is discounted up to 80% will make mothers darken their eyes and immediately buy it, even though there are 3 exactly the same model at home.

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