The Beginnings and Benefits of Online Gaming

In the past, video games were seen as an alternative source of entertainment. Whether it was to compete with a friend for high scores or to just show off sophisticated combinations in a fighting game, both were designed to pass the time and allow pals to engage. With online games, a high speed internet is needed like the infamous unifi 800mbps at Jom Apply

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Video games evolved as time passed and technology advanced. We grew in complexity, adapted to improved visuals, and exhibited realism, if just glimpses of it.

This grew out into a variety of genres, each with its own purpose and target audience. One of these areas is online gaming, which functions as a communication hub as well as a method of entertainment.

Three Common Benefits of Playing Games 

1. Increase Your Positive And Happy Mood

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Life is so bitter that it needs something that can be fun, entertaining and zraily addictive to lift the mood. In the midst of this Covid-19 pandemic, we are so tired of being in our house. We surely really need something that can give us fun, get rid of boredom, want something relaxing and more.

Therefore, by playing video games, it will to some extent make one feel more active and productive. Yes, those keyboard clicking sounds help. Not only that, it can also give a positive mood.

2. Train The Important Part Of The Brain

Most of the online games available actually train the brain both left and right. Training the brain means that a person will have more thinking options as they will tend to think more outside the box because by playing games. It will train the brain making them more focused.

Therefore, playing this video game is not just a hobby but it can be said to be a learning process for a person especially in terms of decision making, problem solving and acting quickly.

3. Gain Many Contacts, Friends and Acquaintances 

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By playing video games, we will definitely meet many people around the world. Then, we will have the opportunity to communicate with each other. In addition to being able to increase self -confidence in communicating, we can also add friends from the activity.

When we have many contacts, more cultures and noble values we can learn thus increasing knowledge.

4. Mental Health and Well-Being

Moving on to the next benefit of online gaming is the mental health of the gamers. Yup, lets just call them gamers! 

Apart from new teaching approaches, online games are being investigated as a potential solution to mental health issues such as enhancing dyslexic children’s reading abilities, since these games have demonstrated to significantly improve a player’s visual attention skill. Since dyslexic students have short attention spans, this could help them to focus more and give 100% concentration that they can give. 

Another option of gaing is that it could be used to treat people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), as there have been indications that playing war-themed first-person shooters is a familiar environment for soldiers suffering from the condition. Despite these ramifications, online games are not always enjoyable, and with games, there is always the potential of unintended consequences.