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Think about state aid you can benefit from for the purchase of your home

There is no specific aid for the purchase of a house, but you can benefit from measures put in place by the State for the purchase of real estate in general. The best known is probably the Zero Rate Loan, which is aimed at people who buy their first property such as a segambut property, apartment, house, new or old with work. You can request this help if you meet certain criteria.

Also check with your municipality: some offer purchase assistance in the form of an assisted loan or moving assistance. We give you all the information about these systems in our chapter on assisted loans. For segambut apartment for sale  you can also opt for the sections.

Anticipate your mortgage for the purchase of your house

If you buy a new house such as a house for sale segambut, your mortgage application file can be sent to the bank from the moment you sign the compromise. But a request for credit is anticipated! You must indeed collect many documents (payslips, taxes, family record book, etc.).

In order to put all the chances on your side during the visits, you can present the seller with a certificate of financing. This proves to him that you are able to pay for the house you are visiting.

It could not be easier! Simulate your borrowing capacity to find out how much you can afford. After analyzing a few documents, you get the certificate from your credit expert.

Simulate borrowing capacity

If you buy your house through a promoter, there too, your file is ready to be sent to the bank as soon as the reservation contract is signed.

On the other hand, if you want to buy land to build your house, your file will be much more complex. You must present the construction project upon request for financing. If you have to pay for the land with a bank loan, you will have to anticipate your construction!

Finally, your loan application file will require many additional documents: plans, building permits, two-year and ten-year guarantees. So be patient, and above all, plan ahead. After making an offer to your seller, you will sign a sales agreement.

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Good plan

Our advice: get a notary! It won’t cost you more, and you will have an expert on your side to accompany and advise you – particularly on the conditions precedent. For more articles like this one, click here.